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Saturday, July 14, 2007
  im gonna adopt a cat!
hey man i just found this picture man
this is the kinda cat even i would adopt
hell ya damn straight!

click on it man

hey talk to ya guys soon

Sunday, September 03, 2006
  republican values
i guess its time for another article well sorry i didnt write for some time shit there is so lil time - i got a new job and all they pay me good money for an honest day work but they want me to work a lot i dont mind i am not like a fucking lazy shit liberal - anyway i want to ask them damn gays to stop writing and making offers - i am not gay and i dont want to have gay sex with them pigs - alright? - shit what was i talking about - yeah right- on my sisters website there is a tagboard they call it and there are some of them lib perverts from europe and they are posting in my name just want to let you all know that i would never have sex with kids or barnyard animals i don't know why liberals are so perverted and talk shit like that cause no republican would ever do shit like that that is just stuff liberals and democ-rat would to- fuck that - i am only fucking hot ladies if they let me cause i know my values hell yeah - know what - i heard on fox that elections are coming up soon and they said that this is the maybe most important fucking election we ever had becaus the american people will select once and for all what kind of government they wanna have and there is not doubt in my mind that they will vote republican again fuck yeah and i am gonna help out by writing articles on my sisters website - so when nothing much happens here and you girls miss me go on head over there and see what i am writing these are hard times and we all must work together to beat them democ-rat - i think we should just throw them fucking liberals in prisons and concntrion camps and shit because they are useless to america

ok fan so long take care and come back soon to the redneck archives

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
  my pals
hi - i guess its time for another intallment of the redneck archives - well this guys are my best friends in the world - this is kevin and jimmy - 2 real cool dude that hang out with me a lot and shit - but we are not as crazy anymore so we are not in jail once a week like when we was young and stuff - anyway kevin and jimmy are also still looking for some hot chiccas - so in case you are reading this and you are hot and shit - we all love hot american blondes - well write to us - its and and me of course that would be - hey and shit - we gots an email from this chick - cindy was her name is beliv - anyway - you are ugly and i dont want to do you girl sorry - we guys are used to get better - by the way if you wants us all 3 or just them 2 of us we can arange sumthin like that - girl - evrything for tha ladies

Thursday, May 11, 2006
  duelling banjos
this shit really is the bomb - i honestly watched it 50 times now - i just cant get enough of it - check it out
  i am single
i know this is gonna sound a litte odd and shit but i want the girls out there know that i am still single - so if there are any hot girls like the one on the picture out there - hey - how are ya - please write to me - ok - (i got the email from my sister) - anyway - write to me girls - ok - would be cool if you live in iowa or in the greater area - well you have to be hot and shit and you have to be american and blonde if possible - and you have to be a patriot and not afraid to show it - ok - cya later you cute girls
  i am mike goodman
hey - thanks for reading my blog - i am mike goodman and i am a real true patriot and stuff - i just love my country that is what i want to say - and i hate them people who kind of spit and shit on america and do not value it and stuff - i want to make a stand against it - well - i recon the best thing to start out is to let y'all know who i am and stuff - so i am mike and i am what some damn elistists would call a redneck - so what - deal with it - you know what- them people that say some shit like that - are just shit you know and i dont care about it - well but they are right i am a redneck and i am proud of it - and i am not gonna change and i dont back down - what else - i love my country but i do have me problems with george double-u bush now - i just think he is not hard enough - you can probably figure i am a pretty hardcore rightwinger - and proud of it - fuck it - i just come right out and tell it - i think we have to show them camel-effers in iraq and iran and shit - we have to show them who the boss is on the planet and - well to come right out and say it - i dont like them towelheads - i reckon i just let it be for today - so cya later guys - ok
i am a redneck - so what - i do drive a truck - i lost some of my teeth - but i am a true american patriot - this blog is what i think of the world around me - read it if you want to learn more about them rednecks - if not - i dont give a shit

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i am mike and i am what you call a redneck - deal with it - i am proud of it - if you want to know more about me - read the redneck archives - if not - i dont give a shit

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