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Thursday, May 11, 2006
  i am mike goodman
hey - thanks for reading my blog - i am mike goodman and i am a real true patriot and stuff - i just love my country that is what i want to say - and i hate them people who kind of spit and shit on america and do not value it and stuff - i want to make a stand against it - well - i recon the best thing to start out is to let y'all know who i am and stuff - so i am mike and i am what some damn elistists would call a redneck - so what - deal with it - you know what- them people that say some shit like that - are just shit you know and i dont care about it - well but they are right i am a redneck and i am proud of it - and i am not gonna change and i dont back down - what else - i love my country but i do have me problems with george double-u bush now - i just think he is not hard enough - you can probably figure i am a pretty hardcore rightwinger - and proud of it - fuck it - i just come right out and tell it - i think we have to show them camel-effers in iraq and iran and shit - we have to show them who the boss is on the planet and - well to come right out and say it - i dont like them towelheads - i reckon i just let it be for today - so cya later guys - ok
...suck it up and get a life. Your not the only ones that have been suffering in the world.

How about Hiroshima. One bomb, 100 000 dead civilians.

And it was your bomb, US("morons of")A. Now thats terrorism.
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i am a redneck - so what - i do drive a truck - i lost some of my teeth - but i am a true american patriot - this blog is what i think of the world around me - read it if you want to learn more about them rednecks - if not - i dont give a shit

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i am mike and i am what you call a redneck - deal with it - i am proud of it - if you want to know more about me - read the redneck archives - if not - i dont give a shit

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