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Thursday, May 11, 2006
  i am single
i know this is gonna sound a litte odd and shit but i want the girls out there know that i am still single - so if there are any hot girls like the one on the picture out there - hey - how are ya - please write to me - ok - (i got the email from my sister) - anyway - write to me girls - ok - would be cool if you live in iowa or in the greater area - well you have to be hot and shit and you have to be american and blonde if possible - and you have to be a patriot and not afraid to show it - ok - cya later you cute girls
Hi Mike, I am Eleanor, I'm 31 and currently working at a gun show. I am really into guns and also a member of the NRA. And yeah, I'm blonde and yeah, kind of patriotic, too.

Here's a pic of me:

Please let me know if you're interested to get to know me. I will be in the Iowa City area in about 3 weeks time. It would be really great to meet you, you're so cute!

PS: Do you have more pics of yourself you could send me. I have some other hot ones of myself I am willing to trade ;-).

mike youre so ugly


stupid bastard
so what man - i am ugly - i know that but i dont give a shit - i am american and that is what counts and i have a good heart and stuff
is this blog satire too, like your sisters???
cos when i look at your pic it's to obvious man
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