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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
  my pals
hi - i guess its time for another intallment of the redneck archives - well this guys are my best friends in the world - this is kevin and jimmy - 2 real cool dude that hang out with me a lot and shit - but we are not as crazy anymore so we are not in jail once a week like when we was young and stuff - anyway kevin and jimmy are also still looking for some hot chiccas - so in case you are reading this and you are hot and shit - we all love hot american blondes - well write to us - its and and me of course that would be - hey and shit - we gots an email from this chick - cindy was her name is beliv - anyway - you are ugly and i dont want to do you girl sorry - we guys are used to get better - by the way if you wants us all 3 or just them 2 of us we can arange sumthin like that - girl - evrything for tha ladies

Hey Mike .... I am from England (Or Ing - ger - lund as you might call it) Just to let you know are the most beautiful man in the world and I would love to get to know you, stroke your face, suck your cock, stick my finger up your ass , do all stuff like that. Would you like that? would you like having your cock sucked? Oh by the way, I'm a man. Does that put you off?????
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i am mike and i am what you call a redneck - deal with it - i am proud of it - if you want to know more about me - read the redneck archives - if not - i dont give a shit

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