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Sunday, September 03, 2006
  republican values
i guess its time for another article well sorry i didnt write for some time shit there is so lil time - i got a new job and all they pay me good money for an honest day work but they want me to work a lot i dont mind i am not like a fucking lazy shit liberal - anyway i want to ask them damn gays to stop writing and making offers - i am not gay and i dont want to have gay sex with them pigs - alright? - shit what was i talking about - yeah right- on my sisters website there is a tagboard they call it and there are some of them lib perverts from europe and they are posting in my name just want to let you all know that i would never have sex with kids or barnyard animals i don't know why liberals are so perverted and talk shit like that cause no republican would ever do shit like that that is just stuff liberals and democ-rat would to- fuck that - i am only fucking hot ladies if they let me cause i know my values hell yeah - know what - i heard on fox that elections are coming up soon and they said that this is the maybe most important fucking election we ever had becaus the american people will select once and for all what kind of government they wanna have and there is not doubt in my mind that they will vote republican again fuck yeah and i am gonna help out by writing articles on my sisters website - so when nothing much happens here and you girls miss me go on head over there and see what i am writing these are hard times and we all must work together to beat them democ-rat - i think we should just throw them fucking liberals in prisons and concntrion camps and shit because they are useless to america

ok fan so long take care and come back soon to the redneck archives

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